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2020 365 Puppies-A-Year Picture-A-Day Wall Calendar

by Workman Publishing

ISBN: 9781523506415

SKU: 11469296



Warm, heartfelt, melt-your-heart photographs of the animals we love, all year long.

They’re adorable, spirited, and as friendly as can be. With hundreds of photographs of lovable diminutive dogs—not just a photo for each month, but one for nearly every day of the year—365 Puppies-A-Year is instant joy and comfort for the dog lover. One glance and all is well! Little Labs with that frisky “I want a treat!” expression. Sheepdogs that could pass for stuffed animals. Plus palm-size Chihuahuas, goofy Goldendoodles, and a sleek, strokable Vizsla whose warm, soulful eyes could melt your heart. With training tips and other puppy-care know-how.

Picture-a-Day ® Wall Calendars include hundreds of gorgeous full-color and black-and-white photographs that indulge our hobbies, curiosities, and obsessions. Each month’s grid includes a large image with informative text, plus additional images for nearly every day of the year.

Other Information

Publisher: Workman Publishing Company

Publication Date: 8/6/2019