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The Cancer Journals

by Lorde

ISBN: 9781879960732

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$12.95 to $17.25

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"Grief, terror, courage, the passion for survival and for more than survival, are here in the searchings of a great poet."--Adrienne Rich

"This book teaches me that with one breast or none, I am still me."--Alice Walker

"The forthrightness and ferocity with which Audre Lorde greeted every social injustice is in full force in this courageous exploration."--Amazon.com

Moving between journal entry, memoir, and exposition, Audre Lorde fuses the personal and political as she reflects on her experience coping with breast cancer and a radical mastectomy. Includes photos and tributes to Lorde written after her death in 1992.

Other Information

Publisher: Aunt Lute Books

Publication Date: 9/1/2006

The Cancer Journals