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Drupal 7 Explained : Step By Step Guide

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Master Drupal 7's essentials through easy, practical examples and simple instructions from a world-class Drupal trainer * *The hands-on, step-by-step tutorial and cookbook for the new Drupal 7 release: no coding knowledge or technical background needed *Walks beginners step-by-step through building and managing a complete site *Covers installation, administration, workflows, site design, modules, Views, advanced layouts, access control, backups, updates, and much more. Master Drupal 7 fast, step-by-step, in plain English, through complete, hands-on business and personal site case studies! Drupal 7 Explained requires absolutely no experience with Drupal, content management, site construction, programming, scripting, or even HTML. Discover what Drupal does and how it works; then install Drupal 7, master site administration, simplify site creation via workflows, create highly-usable navigation, and much more. Quickly change site designs with themes; find, choose, install, and use modules, including View; create advanced layouts with Panels; customize user access; update and back up your sites; and build multiple site types, step by step! Author Stephen Burge is one of the world's leading Drupal trainers: he has had more face-to-face interaction with Drupal learners than practically anyone. This book reflects all he's learned about how beginners learn best. It teaches through crystal-clear visuals, explanations, and analogies -- all extensively tested with real Drupal newcomers.

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