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Fisher Bullet Space Pen Ballpoint

SKU: 10599154

Color : Chrome


The Fisher Bullet Space Pen writes at any angle upside down underwater and in harsh temperature conditions (hot and cold).

When closed this pen slightly resembles a long bullet and it is this design that has been exhibited for a number of years by New York's Museum of Modern Art as an outstanding example of contemporary industrial design. Each Fisher Bullet Space pen comes in an attractive gift box with a small pamphlet that provides the interesting history of the Fisher Space Pen. Open the Bullet measures 5.3 inches with a closed length of 3.7 inches.  Used by Navy Seals, outdoor enthusiasts, astronauts and scuba divers, it provides exceptionally dependable, legible writing.

  • Includes metal clip
  • Writes in nearly all conditions, including plastic, coated paper, wet and oily surfaces.
  • Sleek design - featured as outstanding example of industrial art