Fleet Inquisitor

by Susan R. Matthews

ISBN: 9781476781945

SKU: 10055249


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THREE CRITICALLY-ACCLAIMED EPIC SCIENCE FICTION NOVELS TOGETHER FOR THE FIRST TIME from the Under Jurisdiction series by John W. Campbell award finalist Susan R. Matthews. THE FIRST OF TWO SERIES OMNIBUS VOLUMES. This volume includes series entries An Exchange of Hostages, Prisoner of Conscience, and Angel of Destruction. Volume TwoùFleet Renegade will be followed by the new Under Jurisdiction novel Blood Enemies. An Exchange of Hostages Under Jurisdiction torture isnÆt about truth. ItÆs about terror. The JurisdictionÆs Bench has come to rely on the institutionalized atrocities of the Protocols to maintain its control of an increasingly unstable political environment. When Andrej Koscuisko, a talented young doctor, reports to orientation as a ShipÆs Inquisitor he will discover in himself something far worse than a talent for inflicting grotesque torments on the BenchÆs enemies. He will confront a passion for the exercise of the Writ to Inquire, whose intensity threatens to consume him utterly. As Andrej struggles to find some thread of justice and compassion under the Law, and to hang on to what remains of his sanity, he will make powerful enemies who are eager to use his knowledge, his empathy, and his passion against anyone who challenges the Bench. Prisoner of Conscience He wanted to be a doctor, but his family sent him to be a ShipÆs Inquisitor. Only his fierce determination to hold to justice wherever he can find it has preserved his sanityùhis own force of will, and a peculiar partnership with a man condemned by the Bench to serve on pain of agonizing punishment inflicted by the ôgovernorö in his brain. In Port Rudistal, a defeated people have been consigned to the authority of their ancestral enemies to suffer and work and die like cattle. Bereft of his friend, drunk on absolute license to work his will on prisoner after prisoner, will Andrej realize what horrors are contained within the walls of the Domitt Prison, and can he bring the truth to light before his enemies silence him forever? Angel of Destruction Bench Intelligence Specialist Garol Vogel is one of an elite few chartered by the Bench to uphold the Jurisdiction's rule of Law by any means he sees fit: to rewrite policy, assassinate corrupt officials, and topple planetary governments at his Jurisdiction's discretion. His most treasured achievement was the amnesty he brokered for the Langsarik rebels. But someone is raiding depot stations in the Shawl of Rikavie around Port Charid, torturing and murdering with unprecedented savagery. Vogel knows the Langsariks are innocent, but who could be to blame, and how can he prevent a Judicial crime of horrific proportions? Garol Vogel finds the answer on the wrong side of the Judicial order heÆs served faithfully all his life, and once he sets foot on a path of subversion and sabotage there will be no going back, ever. About Fleet Inquisitor: Starting with An Exchange of Hostages, I devoured Susan R. Matthews 'Kosc