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Life Histories of Cascadia Butterflies


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David G. James and David Nunnallee present the life histories of the entire butterfly fauna of a geographic region in exceptional and riveting detail for the first time in North America inLife Histories of Cascadia Butterflies. Virtually all of the 158 butterfly species occurring in southern British Columbia, Washington, northern Idaho, and northern Oregon are included in the book. Color photographs of each stage of life--egg, every larval instar, pupa, adult--accompany information on the biology, ecology, and rearing of each species. Life Histories of Cascadia Butterflieswill appeal to naturalists, hikers, amateur entomologists, butterfly gardeners, conservationists, students, and general readers of natural history. For scientists and dedicated lepidopterists, the book provides an unparalleled resource on the natural history of immature stages of butterflies in the Pacific Northwest--and beyond, as many of Cascadia's butterflies occur in other parts of North America as well as Europe and Asia.