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#3 in the break-out, best-selling Monster Hunter series. Earl Harbinger, head of Monster Hunter International, faces down an old nemesis -- a very nasty former KGB werewolf who is working to create a new, unstoppable breed. Dirty Harry meets Twilight. #3 in the break-out series and a follow-up to Monster Hunter International and Monster Hunter Vendetta. Earl Harbinger may be the leader of Monster Hunter International, but heÆs also got a secret. Nearly a century ago, Earl was cursed to be werewolf. When Earl receives word that one of his oldest foes, a legendarily vicious werewolf that worked for the KGB, has mysteriously appeared in the remote woods of Michigan, he decides to take care of some unfinished business. But another force is working to bring about the creation of a whole new species of werewolf. When darkness falls, the final hunt begins, and the only thing standing in their way is a handful of locals, a lot of firepower, and Earl HarbingerÆs stubborn refusal to roll over and play dead. HereÆs a sample of Larry CorreiaÆs prose punch from series opener, Monster Hunter International: ôI didnÆt wake up that morning and decide that I was going to kill my boss with my bare hands. It was much more complicated than that.ö About Monster Hunter International ôA no-holds-barred all-out page turner that is part science fiction, part horror, and an absolute blast to read.öû About the ôMonster Hunterö series: ôIf you love monsters and action, youÆll love this book. If you love guns, youÆll love this book. If you love fantasy, and especially horror fantasy, youÆll love this book.ö û