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  • Rite in the Rain Level Notebook Stapled Yellow 45/8"x7"

Rite in the Rain Level Notebook Stapled Yellow 45/8"x7"

SKU: 10303467


Rite in the Rain Level Notebook is fully prepared for any challenge Mother Nature throws at it.

This notebook comes in a compact but comfortable size for taking plenty of notes and our Rite in the Rain All-Weather Paper can handle any weather encounter in the field. This paper that won’t turn to mush when wet and will repel water, sweat, grease, mud, and even survive the accidental laundry mishap and more. The Nickel plated staples won’t rust and the notebook will conform to any pocket or pack. Use a Pencil or All-Weather Pen and your notes will stay intact. Standard Ballpoint pens will work when paper is dry. Water-based inks will bead off Rite in the Rain sheets.

  • Cover Material: Field-Flex
  • Binding: Side Stapled
  • Paper Color: White
  • 3-pack
  • 48 pages (24 sheets) per notebook
  • 311FX