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"One of the savviest and most restless intellects in contemporary literature--honest, jokey, paranoid, sentimental, mean, lyrical, tough, you name it."--Dennis Cooper

" Myles' writing] comes across simultaneously as effortless and utterly gorgeous. . . . To be able to write with such gentleness and force all at the same time is such a gift, and Myles is completely generous in how she uses this."--Ron Silliman

Two books meet as one in legendary poet, critic, and novelist Eileen Myles' newest collection. In a world overflowing with technology and its mutant offspring, moments of human ecstasy and connection are as indelible as they are fleeting. Indeed, with every page, the poems of "Snowflake" and "different streets" create poet and poem anew.

"some cars seem to eruptfrom the tar itselfthey seem to pullthemselves upfrom below the surface of the landthough I don't think land. I mean something flat, somethingblackalmost like a water that we're onthough a dark water thatholds us."

Eileen Myles has published more than a dozen books of poetry, criticism, and fiction. She was recently awarded the 2010 Shelley Memorial Award for poetry and the Lambda Literary Award for lesbian fiction. She lives in New York.