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The Chicken Who Saved Us


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Young Andrew was autistic and bilingual. He spoke English...and Chicken. His family called him "The Chicken Whisperer." He would shout, "Chi-kenn! Bak-ackk!" out his bedroom window on the second floor and the hen house would go wild. Five feathered dinosaur beasts with impossibly skinny legs went nutso until he ran across the yard to let them out of the coop. Then they would follow him around like he was a god.

Other days he would sit on the front porch deep in conversation with his best friend, an Araucana chicken named "Frightful." It was a two-way dialog consisting of secrets told and secrets kept between boy and foul. His feathery friend became his voice, his only way to communicate in a confusing world. But one day, confided to Frightful; "I think my body is trying to kill me."