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Too Much And Not The Mood


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From Durga Chew-Bose, ôone of our most gifted, insightful essayists and criticsö (Nylon), comes a lyrical and piercingly insightful debut collection of essays about identity and culture. Too Much and Not the Mood is a beautiful and surprising exploration of what it means to be a first-generation, creative young woman working today. On April 11, 1931, Virginia Woolf ended her entry in A WriterÆs Diary with the words ôtoo much and not the moodö to describe her frustration with placating her readers, what she described as the ôcramming in and the cutting out.ö She wondered if she had anything at all that was truly worth saying. The attitude of that sentiment inspired Durga Chew-Bose to gather own writing in this lyrical collection of poetic essays that examine personhood and artistic growth. Drawing inspiration from a diverse group of incisive and inquiring female authors, Chew-Bose captures the inner restlessness that keeps her always on the brink of creative expression.