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Win a Free Gift Basket (A $220 Value)

Celebrate all of Seattle’s indie bookstores with this special gift basket! During this year’s Independent Bookstore Day, University Book Store’s own team of avid booklovers participated alongside you and collected items either exclusive to that bookstore or recommended by bookstore staff. This special gift basket includes:

  • Bainbridge Soap from Eagle Harbor Book Co.
  • Small Adventures notebook from The Traveler
  • Branded Magnet from Liberty Bay Books
  • Branded Mug from Page 2 Books
  • The Scar by Andrea Ferraris and Renato Chiocca, published by Fantagraphics
  • The Poem is a Nomad by Cal Kinnear, published by Arundel Books
  • The Writer’s Game from University Book Store
  • Drink Coaster from Queen Anne Book Company
  • Beauty Sleep by Cameron Dokey, author and employee at Magnolia’s Bookstore
  • Magnet from Secret Garden Books
  • Food Fortunes Tarot Deck from Book Larder
  • Envelope Poems by Emily Dickinson from Open Books: A Poem Emporium
  • Handprinted cards made by Edmonds Bookshop booksellers
  • The Neverending Story by Michael Ende from The Neverending Bookshop
  • Seattle Indie Bookstore Logo Poster designed by a staff member at Third Place Books
  • Not Aloud by Christopher J. Jarmick from BookTree Kirkland
  • Redmond sticker from Brick & Mortar Books
  • The Mouse and His Child by Russell Hoban from Madison Books
  • Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny from Ada’s Technical Books
  • Branded Sticker, Magnet, and Pencil from Elliott Bay Book Company
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