Sales & Promotions

Unless stated otherwise, all promotions discounts offered by University Book Store are subject to the following disclaimer:

[Promotion/discount] Excludes gift cards, shipping services, Course Materials, and the book store café. May not be combined with other discounts or special offers and only applies to stock on hand. May not be combined with The Pack Rewards™. One per customer.

  • If a promotion requires a minimum purchase, this will be listed in any coupons or emails.
  • If a promotion is only valid through a specific date range, this will be listed in any coupons or emails.
  • If a promotion does not apply, or is limited to, specific departments, this will be specified.
  • Promotions that are only valid at specific stores, at, or promotions unavailable online will specify where the promotion is valid.

What if there are multiple promotions on the same item?

Sometimes promotions can overlap. In these instances, a customer does not receive both discounts, rather the larger of the two discounts.

For example, say one promotion lets you save 20% on Husky t-shirts, and another lets you save 30% on the same Husky t-shirts. The customer would only receive 30% savings, as this is the greater of the two promotions.

What if I want to return my purchase?

All sales or discounted items are final. If you're unsure if any item is final sale, please feel free to ask a staff member or a bookseller for clarification before making your purchase.

For additional information on returns, please see