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Sellback FAQ

Am I eligible to sell books back?

You must be registered or just graduated from a college within the United States. You must show a valid student ID with picture from the College or University you attend(ed). You must be the owner of the book. (You are only able to sell your books back, not those of your friends, siblings etc)

What is an ISBN?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. Each book has one and it is the unique identifier for the book. It will begin with a, "978" and be a total of 13 digits long. It is typically located on the back cover in the lower corner.
Example: 9780141199573, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

What books can I sell back?

UBS will buy back books originally purchase New or Used. We also accept Loose Leaf (Student Value Editions, Binder ready, etc.)

Books do NOT have to have been purchased from University Book Store to sell them back to us.

We buyback U.S. Standard editions only. We do not buyback International or Global editions, Instructor copies, Advanced Reader copies, Course packs, etc.

Book can not be damaged (liquid damage, mold, broken binding, etc.) or missing pages.

How are sellback prices determined?

If we have a course using your book (at any of the schools we serve) the next upcoming term we will buy it back for up to 50% of the new retail price. If your book isn’t being used at one of the schools we serve for the next term, we work with several national wholesale book companies and will quote typically around 10% to 40% of the national retail price. Sellback pricing is based off of demand and the availability of current stock.

What is the best time of the term to sell my books?

During the week of finals for the term you purchased the book for. However, we do have daily sellback available in all University Bookstore Locations, except Husky Central (Downtown Seattle). We recommend students sell back their books as early as possible.

To our current High School families. We only sellback books from High Schools we serve. Although Sellback is offered year round, the High School buyback period is usually at the end of the academic school year, early June through the end of August.

How long is the online quote good for?

University Book Store will accept the quoted price for up to 24. You must bring in a physical printout of the quote. Pictures on your device will not be accepted.

What if UBS isn’t buying back my book?

It doesn’t mean it has no value, please continue to check back. The books we are buying back change regularly.

Where can I sell my books back at?

University Book Store has several locations throughout the Greater Puget Sound Region. All location except Husky Central (Downtown Seattle) accept Buyback every day during normal business hours.