Student Guide

University Book Store – Why it is Best to Buy with Us!

  • Expertise: UBS works directly with UW professors to ensure that all titles available are the correct editions for your classes.
  • Affordability: We work with our vendors to source course materials at the best prices available and in many different formats: new, used, rental, and digital.
  • Convenience: We do the work for you and we’re on campus! Order your course materials online through your MyUW portal (we’ll pre-populate your cart) and pick up your books at a time that works for you.
  • Support: University Book Store does not profit from the sale of course materials. All profits are returned to our beneficiaries: UW students, faculty, and staff.

Know Your Requirements:

  • Required: This book was requested by your instructor as required material for your course.
  • Optional: This book was requested by your instructor as optional material for your course.
  • Recommended: This book was requested by your instructor as recommended for your course.
  • Required Choose Format: This book was requested by your instructor as required materials but is available in more than one format (physical book, eBook, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Nothing is listed for my course – what does that mean?
    Either no materials are required for your course OR your instructor hasn’t requested anything at this time.
  • My course materials are out of stock – what should I do?
    Contact the bookstore 206-634-3400 ext. 335 and request a re-order for the book you need. Re-orders typically arrive in 2-5 business days.

Please visit the location where your courses take place. For example, if you are taking classes at UW Bothell, your materials will be located at our Bothell Store.

Higher Education

K-12 Schools

Course Packs

  • UW Seattle: University Book Store has many of the course packs you need. If it’s not listed for your course, please check with your instructor. Professional Copy n Print or one of the other various copy centers along University Way NE often carry course packs for Seattle courses.
  • UW Bothell: Please find required course packs at our Bothell Store.
  • UW Tacoma: Course packs are located at the campus copy center.
  • Shoreline: Course packs are available at the Shoreline CC Bookstore.

UW Students

  • Log into your MyUW and find "Register using SLN codes" under Quick Links, then click on "Display Textbooks" and click on course specific links or "Compare Prices and Shop UBS" for your full list of course materials.

  • Or visit the registration page and select your course and click the book icon. From here, you can select any of the hyperlinked 'Course' fields, which will bring you to the requirements for that specific course on

  • Once you are on all of your purchase options will appear on the page. Select purchase type (buy, rental, or digital), and select condition (new, used, etc.) Then select 'add to cart.'

Cascadia College, Shoreline Students, K-12 Students

  • Visit course selection tool and select your courses. From here, you can find all the course materials that are needed for your classes.


You can purchase an eBook in-store or online
Please note: we have a larger selection of digital course materials online

Once purchased, you will receive an email from RedShelf.

  • If you don’t receive the email within 30 minutes of purchase, please check your junk or spam folder (especially if using a .edu email).
  • If the email if not in your junk or spam folders, please visit and select login:
  • Enter the email you used at the time of purchase and click the forgot password link.
  • Once you receive the reset password email from RedShelf please follow the instructions.

For additional help, please email Please be sure to include your sales order number or your customer account number and student ID. You can also email RedShelf directly at

Frequently asked eBook and RedShelf questions:

How is my eBook priced?
These prices are set by the book publishers and not by RedShelf or University Book Store.

Why is my course material unavailable as an eBook?
University Book Store strives to offer as many digital titles as possible. If the eBook that you are purchasing is not available, check back! We add more titles every day.

How long will I have access to my eBook?
The publisher determines access length, but many books have multiple options available.

In-store we offer:

  • Lifetime purchase
  • 180 day rental
  • 90 day rental

Online we offer:

  • Lifetime purchase
  • 30, 60, 90, 120, 130, 150, 180, 240, 360, 365, 540, or 730 day rental

What does DR90D mean?
This stands for Digital Rental 90 Day access.

Digital Access Codes (Yellow Slips, DRCEI)
Digital Access Codes can be purchased both in-store and online.

  • To purchase in store: Pick up a yellow slip and follow these instructions.
  • To purchase online: Go here, search for your course, and follow the provided steps.

Frequently asked Digital Access Codes questions:

What does DRCEI mean?
It stands for Digital Rental Campus eBook Store. This is the third party we use to distribute access codes to students.

What is the Student Choice digital purchase program?
As part of our continued efforts to reduce the cost of course materials, UW instructors, publishers, and University Book Store work together to deliver select materials through a program called Student Choice. These course materials are delivered through the Learning Management System (Canvas).

How does the Student Choice digital purchase program work?
If you look at your course materials list on MYUW and you see a 'required – choose format' option with the words ‘Student Choice’ at the end, your instructor has chosen to give you this choice. If you see that this is a choice for your class, please log into the LMS on the first day of classes, and you should see a link for an ebook or Courseware product. You are getting a free trial access period. Once this period ends, usually the same day as the add/drop deadline, you will have to purchase access via the University Book Store website. You can click the link to that course from your MyUW page, or your instructor will have provided you a link to the item on the UBS website. Follow the instructions and you're all set.

How does the Student Choice digital purchase program benefit me?
Students make a choice to select or buy into this program. You can still choose a physical text to buy or rent if you prefer, but this program is designed to reduce the cost of digital materials.

How long does my digital access last?
Access to your digital course materials depends on the publisher, the format purchased, and the Courseware product. Access can last from a single term to five years if you have not purchased lifetime access.

What if I drop the class and I’ve already paid for access?
Please refer to our returns policy for course materials.

What’s the difference between an Access Code and an eBook?
eBooks are the digital version of a book publication. Access codes are typically an eBook and an interactive software program, homework management, simulations, etc. (Examples include: MyLabs, Connect, Webassign, Launchpad, and Sapling.)

Who do I contact with questions?
Please contact with any questions. We will respond during normal business hours.

COVID-19 Return Policy

Customers can return their rented course materials through our contactless drop-off service in the U District or return them by mail.

Please read the instructions in detail; if you do not follow the listed procedures, University Book Store will not process your return. View our updated return policy here.

Textbook Rental Program

Returning Rented books:
Rented books need to be returned to UBS on or before the last day of finals. We accept rental returns at all locations (including Lander & Willow Halls on the UW Seattle campus) during normal business hours. We will make every attempt to send reminder emails about your book/s that need to be returned.

If you are unable to return the book to one of our locations by the end of finals week, you may mail the rented book to:

Attn: Textbook rental return
University Book Store
4326 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

If you mail your rented book:

  • We MUST receive the package by the due date.
  • Please include your name, email, and Student ID on or in the package.
  • Please use a trackable shipping service. UBS is not liable for books not delivered to us.
  • Books must be in 'Good' condition to be returned – binding intact, no water damage, no pages missing, etc.

What if I'd like to keep my rented book?
Please contact UBS or come into one of our stores. You can buy your rental for the difference between the rental fee you were charged and the retail price.

What happens if I fail to return my rented book in time?
We will bill your card on file for the difference of the retail price and the rental fee you paid, plus a 10% processing charge.

What is the rental agreement?
The rental agreement is an agreement agreed by the student when renting textbooks from the University Book Store. It can be found at

You can check your book/s' sellback price at

Am I eligible to sell books back?

You must be registered or just graduated from a college within the United States. You must show a valid student ID with picture from the College or University you attend(ed). You must be the owner of the book. (You are only able to sell your books back, not those of your friends, siblings etc)

What is an ISBN?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. Each book has one and it is the unique identifier for the book. It will begin with a, "978" and be a total of 13 digits long. It is typically located on the back cover in the lower corner.
Example: 9780141199573, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

What books can I sell back?

UBS will buy back books originally purchase New or Used. We also accept Loose Leaf (Student Value Editions, Binder ready, etc.)

Books do NOT have to have been purchased from University Book Store to sell them back to us.

We buyback U.S. Standard editions only. We do not buyback International or Global editions, Instructor copies, Advanced Reader copies, Course packs, etc.

Book can not be damaged (liquid damage, mold, broken binding, etc.) or missing pages.

How are sellback prices determined?

If we have a course using your book (at any of the schools we serve) the next upcoming term we will buy it back for up to 50% of the new retail price. If your book isn’t being used at one of the schools we serve for the next term, we work with several national wholesale book companies and will quote typically around 10% to 40% of the national retail price. Sellback pricing is based off of demand and the availability of current stock.

What is the best time of the term to sell my books?

During the week of finals for the term you purchased the book for. However, we do have daily sellback available in all University Bookstore Locations, except Husky Central (Downtown Seattle). We recommend students sell back their books as early as possible.

To our current High School families. We only sellback books from High Schools we serve. Although Sellback is offered year round, the High School buyback period is usually at the end of the academic school year, early June through the end of August.

How long is the online quote good for?

University Book Store will accept the quoted price for up to 24. You must bring in a physical printout of the quote. Pictures on your device will not be accepted.

What if UBS isn’t buying back my book?

It doesn’t mean it has no value, please continue to check back. The books we are buying back change regularly.

Where can I sell my books back at?

University Book Store has several locations throughout the Greater Puget Sound Region. All location except Husky Central (Downtown Seattle) accept Buyback every day during normal business hours.

COVID-19 Return Policy

Customers can return their rented course materials through our contactless drop-off service in the U District or return them by mail.

Please read the instructions in detail; if you do not follow the listed procedures, University Book Store will not process your return. View our updated return policy here.

Return Policy:

Receipts are required for all refunds. Textbooks must be in purchased condition for a full refund. Un-activated eBooks and textbook rental fees are refundable under the same timelines as textbook purchases.

If you drop/withdraw from a class you can return your book within 14 days after the start of classes (full term courses only). A Proof of drop/withdrawal is required at the time of return. This excludes Rented Textbooks.

Our goal is to ensure that all students have access to textbooks in a timely manner so we're unable to make exceptions to these return periods.

Please Return Textbooks By These Refund Deadlines:

U District, Tacoma, Bothell Stores

  • Summer:
    • Full-Term - June 30, 2020
    • A-Term - June 26, 2020
    • B-Term - July 27, 2020
    • Digital items can be returned for a full refund within 5-days after the start of classes.

High Schools

  • September 30, 2020

Refund deadlines are the last days for students to return textbooks in their original condition with the receipt for a full refund. Textbooks cannot be returned after a class has ended.

The Pack Rewards is a membership programm for students of the University of Washington and Cascadia College, that gives you 10% discounts on Husky Merchandise and books in the Bookshop (discount excludes course materials, supplies, technology items, cafe, and periodicals), special birthday treats, along with exclusive promotions.

How do I sign up for the Pack Rewards?

  • Create Account or Log In with you existing account
  • Click on "The Pack Rewards" under My Account Menu
  • Enter required information and select "Save" or "Join Pack Rewards"