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Our booksellers are proud to partner with, an audiobook company that works alongside indie bookstores, like University Book Store, to support local communities. Unlike other audiobook services, partners with over 1,400 independent bookstores across the United States and Canada. This means that when you buy an audiobook through, a portion of your purchase goes directly to your local bookstore. Plus, you get to choose which independent bookstore you want to support every time you make a purchase. offers a huge selection of audiobooks, including bestsellers, new releases, and hidden gems you won't find anywhere else. With, you can enjoy audiobooks on your phone, tablet, or computer, and even listen offline.

  1. When you purchase audiobooks through, a portion of your purchase goes directly back to an indie bookstore of your choice, like University Book Store!
  2. partners directly with our booksellers to bring you recommendations from real people, not algorithms which could be unreliable or harmful.
  3. offers 100% DRM-free audiobook downloads, meaning you actually own each audiobook you purchase and can download and enjoy them on any device you like (unlike other larger audiobook companies, which only give you streaming rights).
  4. If you need help, is staffed by real booklovers. You can contact them day or night at and they'll troubleshoot any issues you're having!
  5. supports local jobs. When you support University Book Store through, you're directly supporting our booksellers who provide you with new releases, author events, and more!

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