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To ensure public health, all textbook purchases for UW Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma are online only; our Course Materials department is closed to the public.

Customers outside of Washington state are encouraged to order their textbooks as soon as possible to ensure timely delivery, or choose digital options when available. International orders will be shipped out via Fedex to ensure trackability; please review Fedex’s website and check with your local mail courier before ordering.

*Discount excludes high school course materials, eBooks, access codes, shipping, technology products, and only applies to stock on-hand for UW Seattle, Tacoma, Bothell, and Cascadia College.

Customers have 14 days (from the start of Fall quarter) to return physical textbooks and 7 days to return digital textbooks. If you need to return or exchange a textbook, please place a new order for the updated items before your return has been processed in order to ensure your textbooks arrive in time for classes. Please note that return shipping is at-cost to customer; when shipping books, we encourage customers to use media mail for best rates.

For fall quarter refund deadlines and additional instructions on textbook refunds and exchanges, please visit ubookstore.com/returns-exchanges.

Return service is available at UW Bothell on The Plaza on October 2 and 7, between 11am–3pm and at University Book Store Tacoma on October 5 and 9, between 11m–3pm. Please note that these will be for return service only. Contactless returns are available every day in the U District from 9am–5pm.

Know Your Requirements:

  • Required: This book was requested by your instructor as required material for your course.
  • Optional: This book was requested by your instructor as optional material for your course.
  • Recommended: This book was requested by your instructor as recommended for your course.
  • Required - pick ONE: This book was requested by your instructor as required materials but is available in more than one format (physical book, eBook, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Nothing is listed for my course – what does that mean?
    Either no materials are required for your course OR your instructor hasn’t requested anything at this time.
  • My course materials are out of stock – what should I do?
    Contact the bookstore 206-634-3400 ext. 335 and request a re-order for the book you need. Re-orders typically arrive in 2-5 business days.
  • What do I select for Required – pick ONE?
    This course material was requested by your instructor as a required material, but it is available in more than one format (bound, loose leaf, bundles, access code w/eBook, eBook, etc.). Please select only one option. If you choose multiple formats of the same item, we will fill your order with the least expensive of your selections, in this order, as available: the least expensive physical option selected, then the digital option.

COVID-19 Update: To ensure public health, all course materials purchases are online only; University Book Store's course materials department will be closed to the public. Get rewarded for shopping early online: take 10% OFF ALL TEXTBOOKS, plus $5 flat rate shipping between September 1-15 with code FQTR2020.

Higher Education

  • UW Seattle materials are located at our U District Store. (Please order online)
  • UW Bothell & Cascadia materials are located at our U District Store. (Please order online)
  • UW Tacoma materials are located at our U District Store. (Please order online)

K-12 Schools

  • Charles Wright Books are located at our U District Store. (Please order online)
  • Bush Upper & Middle School Books are located at the U District Store. (Please order online)
  • Kennedy Catholic School Books are located at the U District Store. (Please order online)
  • Seattle Prep books are located at the U District Store. (Please order online)

Course Packs

  • UW Seattle: University Book Store has many of the course packs you need. (Please order online) If it’s not listed for your course, please check with your instructor. Professional Copy n Print or one of the other various copy centers along University Way NE often carry course packs for Seattle courses.
  • UW Bothell: Please find required course packs at our U District Store. (Please order online)
  • UW Tacoma: Course packs are located at the campus copy center.

UW Students

  • Log into your MyUW and find "Register using SLN codes" under Quick Links, then click on "Display Textbooks" and click on course specific links or "Compare Prices and Shop UBS" for your full list of course materials.

  • Or visit the registration page and select your course and click the book icon. From here, you can select any of the hyperlinked 'Course' fields, which will bring you to the requirements for that specific course on ubookstore.com.

  • Once you are on ubookstore.com all of your purchase options will appear on the page. Select purchase type (buy, rental, or digital), and select condition (new, used, etc.) Then select 'add to cart.'

Cascadia College and K-12 Students

  • Visit course selection tool and select your courses. From here, you can find all the course materials that are needed for your classes.

University Book Store offers multiple digital editions for purchase or rental through different partners. The purchase process is the same for physical textbooks through ubookstore.com.

Once you have made your purchase, you will receive an email from the eBook provider (such as RedShelf) with your unique access URL. You will receive a unique email for every digital textbook purchased.

Click on "Digital Content" to learn more about our offerings and how we offer you the best deal.

Course Materials have their own unique return policy and deadlines. Please visit ubookstore.com/returns-exchanges for more information.

Because of the global impact of COVID-19, we have suspended our textbook rental options for physical textbooks. Rental options are still available for digital editions.

The Pack Rewards is University Book Store’s free, instant rewards membership program for UW and Cascadia students like you, and other UW community members!

As a Pack Rewards member, you receive an automatic, everyday discount on Husky merchandise and books* every day, even on game day, plus other amazing perks!

Create or log in to your existing ubookstore.com account, then click on Account Overview, then Memberships, and fill out the required fields! Once your information is submitted, you’ll receive a confirmation email and your discount will automatically apply to your purchase!

*Unless stated otherwise, your Pack Rewards discount excludes course materials.