Please submit requests for all courses, regardless of whether we will be supplying materials.

We recommend using Google Chrome for the best experience when submitting online.

Why do I need to submit a materials list?

  • This is mandatory to complying with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA)

    The HEOA requires all higher edition institutions provide course material information to their students at least four weeks before each term so that they may have the opportunity to plan for their course material expenses. This includes all items, whether they are free or if there is a cost to the student to acquire the material. University Book Store gathers your material requests and provides daily updates to the University for distribution to students via MyUW.

    This also allows us to buy back books from UW students for the most money and the best deal to the student. This also gives us sufficient time to source used books from national distributors. Used books save students a minimum of 25%.

  • Help students with DRS accommodations get the appropriate, accessible materials.

    By submitting materials early or on time, you give ample time for materials to be found for students who need textbooks or materials that can be made accessible to them through assistive technology or whatever they might prefer.

Due Dates
SpringJan. 25
SummerApr. 25
AutumnMay 25
WinterOct. 25

Step 1: What kind of materials do your students need?

No Materials Required?Submit the request as "No Text Required". We'll note this on and on the shelf tag for your class(es).
Course PackNote in the comments field where the pack is being printed (provide the location and whether it's on campus or off campus. While only on-campus packs are sold at University Book Store, students do come to us looking for packs produced and sold at other locations, so this information will help us provide better customer service.
Open Education Resource (OER)Note in the comments field which product you are using, along with where your students can acquire it for free.
eBook or CoursewarePlease note, we do attempt to source eBooks for all available titles.
Please note in the comments field if you are using Canvas for your materials, you only want digital materials or you plan to use onlines homework platforms.
Old EditionsPlease note in the comments field if old editions are acceptable for use in your class. We are happy to search for and discount old editions and to give students a choice.
Non-book materialsPlease note any non-book supplies required or recommended for your class in the comment field. We'll contact you for more information.
Using free UW Library resources or placing one on reserve?Please note in the comments field if you are using a free library resource and we'll list this information for your students. If you would like to request a copy to put on reserves at the UW Libraries, please check here:

Step 2: Get Started!

Or download/print a PDF:

Course Request Form

The course request form can be submitted via or to BOX 359170

Step 3: You'll Receive a Confirmation Email

After submitting the request, two confirmation emails are sent: one to the Professor and one to the Department Coordinator (if listed).

Need a Complimentary Desk Copy? Submit a Request

Need Help?

If you encounter difficulties, didn't receive a confirmation email, or have questions about submitting adoption requests, please email with the details of the course and the materials you will be using.