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Announcing our new faculty adoption tool: VERBA COLLECT

We are excited to be rolling out our new faculty adoption tool, Verba Collect. It is an industry-leading platform for adoptions that makes the process as easy and intuitive as possible.

Please be mindful of the course materials submission deadlines:

(These deadlines are not firm, but early adoption of course materials allow us to source books at the best prices for our students and resolve any issues that might arise.)

If you are listed on the Time Schedule to teach a course, you will receive an email with your personalized URL where you will access the Verba Collect webpage and submit your course materials. If your department coordinator submits course materials requests, they will be getting the URL. You can still use the buttons below to review your adoptions.

If you are not yet listed as the instructor for your course, click below to enter your information to get a link emailed to you. You will use that link to access Verba Collect. Once in, you will search for your courses and assign your name to each course that you are teaching.

Adoptions submissions for Spring 2024 are now closed for all campuses. If you need to make changes or add to your Spring adoption, please email us at

UW Bothell/Seattle: Summer 2024 adoptions submissions are now open. Fall 2024 adoptions submissions will open no later than May 1.

Cascadia College: Summer and Fall 2024 adoptions submissions will open in early May, once course schedule information has been finalized and published.

Select a Campus:

For a quick how to guide on how to submit your orders using Verba Collect, click here.

For more detailed instructions, click here

Due Dates
SpringJan. 25
SummerApr. 25
AutumnMay 25
WinterOct. 25

For faculty who are not yet ready to change how they submit course materials, choose your campus below to submit your order.

We will phase the old system out before Winter 2025.

Please submit requests for all courses, regardless of whether we will be supplying materials.

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